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The recovery of the global shipping industry is still nowher
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2014 has been a half, but the downturn in the shipping market is still limited among the signs of recovery are expected to remain elusive.

Reduce transport demand, overcapacity and massive amount of orders on hand has affected the prosperity of the next decade.

Excess capacity is not limited to a few markets, oil tankers, bulk carriers and container ship market is particularly serious, however, LNG and LPG boats boat market might be spared.

The current average age of the world fleet at historic lows, which means that excess capacity continues into the next decade at least. Meanwhile, although currently a considerable number of shipping companies have gone bankrupt, but they are just being idle and ship sales, has not been disassembled, but with lower capital transactions, thereby prolonging the downturn in the shipping market.

At the same time we can not ignore that the global shipbuilding capacity is also high, such as South Korea and China's domestic financial institutions to support the shipbuilding industry as a strategic industry.

Due to the current newbuilding prices at historic lows, equity and bond companies are rising in value gambling ship, regardless of the actual shipping market conditions, resulting in a large number of private equity funds and hedge funds, the influx of new shipbuilding market, leading to the rapid expansion of new ship orders, these orders are enough to affect the shipping market boom over the next decade.

Shipping boom a decade ago, there has been a lot of new ship orders, and then in 2008 the global financial crisis and economic recession, overcapacity has enveloped the shipping market. The current owner of the impulse massive shipbuilding orders will only further undermine the shipping market, prolong the downturn of the shipping market, ship supply and demand back into balance first have to wait until the next decade.

Market energy saving claims do not result in an earlier boat forced dismantling of aging vessels, but the investment will drop ship to aging, aging vessels still exist and maintain operations until the 20th anniversary of the.

In addition to natural gas, there is no evidence that the growth in transport demand, and U.S. oil imports and gas exports will have a negative impact on crude oil transportation. It is understood that U.S. crude oil imports in the coming years will be reduced by at least 50%, which is part of the energy is converted into natural gas by 2025.

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