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Chinese domestic coastal shipping market Weekly Review
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With the improvement in the supply and transport capacity of the supply situation, coastal bulk shipping market decline that has stalled, tariffs obvious signs of stabilization. Coal, the Datong-Qinhuangdao line maintenance affect the spring gradually emerged, pressure port phenomenon exacerbated overcapacity situation has eased; metallic ores, the mills began to shift domestic ore procurement, supply and demand sides wait, thinly traded; grain transport, food spreads widened north and south large traders shipped north makes a positive, tariffs rise; season comes the moment of oil transportation market, weak demand.

Datong-Qinhuangdao line maintenance affect the spring gradually revealed, tune into the amount of coal railway restricted. Inbound shipments resulted in low inventory at Qinhuangdao Port accelerate downward, effective supply situation is tight coal port intensifies, and other parts of stranded cargo ship, sailing has been extended, making the phenomenon intensified pressure port capacity release was limited, pre-market faces overcapacity situation has eased. On the other hand, although nearly two weeks and stable operation of the Power Group coal storage levels in about 20 days, purchasing replenishment downstream of the original intention was not strong, but in the face of rising coal prices expected, the plant is still appropriate procurement, supply increased from the previous month .

Face to improve the supply and demand ends, coastal coal freight transport market decline is shrinking. However, due to the real needs of coastal coal transportation market has not fundamentally improved, freight rebound is still a lack of substantive support, lack of upside momentum. Specific freight routes, as of April 18, Qinhuangdao - Shanghai (40,000-50,000 dwt) freight routes was 28.6 yuan / ton, compared with the previous period fell 1.6 yuan / ton; Qinhuangdao to Ningbo (1.5-2 Wan dwt) routes tariffs of 33.0 yuan / ton, compared with the previous period fell 1.5 yuan / ton; Qinhuangdao - Guangzhou (50,000-60,000 dwt) freight routes was 39.0 yuan / ton, compared with the previous period fell 1.1 yuan / ton.

Aspects of metal ores, recently imported ore prices continue upward makes steel mills began to shift domestic ore procurement, upstream and downstream enterprises wait and see attitude on imported ore is strong, supply and demand sides deadlocked, turnover was light. As of April 18, Qingdao, Rizhao to Zhangjiagang (2-3 million dwt) routes tariffs for 27.7 yuan / ton, compared with the previous period fell 0.3 yuan / ton.

North and South is widening spreads makes the northern grain traders shipped positive, shipment number has increased from the previous month, the coastal food transport market last week, a slight turn for the better, but the overall market trend is still relatively low, reducing the main areas of production, making food tariffs still in dropping the channel. As of April 18, Yingkou - Shenzhen (4-5 million tons) routes tariffs for 47.7 yuan / ton, compared with the previous period fell 2.0 yuan / ton.

Oil transportation market, in April for the transportation of refined oil market off-season, lower inventory surplus, weak demand and abundant rainfall along the river near future to further suppress the terminal needs, restricting refinery shipments emotions. Tanker weak market trend to maintain stable posture, a slight decline in freight rates.

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