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Commerce Department rejected the three shippers alliance
Time:2014-07-03    Source:未知   阅读次数:169

     17 June, the Commerce Department announced that Maersk, Mediterranean Shipping, CMA CGM three shipping companies to set up centralized network center operators to ban anti-monopoly review of case decisions. Although the U.S. and European regulatory authorities have received "green light", but in the important Chinese shipping market, the three shippers alliance failed to do so, it will undoubtedly make China COSCO, CSCL and other domestic and international container shipping giant temporary relief.

Affected by the global financial crisis and other factors, since 2008, the global shipping industry downturn. The current global trend of shipping freight level is low, there is no significant increase in overall demand, while capacity but in the promotion, formation of oversupply. In recent years, rendering the ship of the shipping industry and competitive trends in the league, including China COSCO, CSCL, including companies in order ship. In the fierce competition in the shipping market, China's shipping companies need to strengthen cost control, especially in the effort to reduce the cost of a single ship.

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