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The report predicts that China's shipping industry in 2014 c
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The report notes that in 2013 China's shipping industry to achieve the initial recovery, shipping sentiment index for two consecutive quarters in the booming region, and the strength of the recovery has been expanded. According to Chinese shipping sentiment survey, over 60% of shipping entrepreneurs believe 2014 will further recovery of the shipping market, a quarter of China's shipping sentiment index is expected to 101.38 points, still in the booming region, the trend does not change for the better.

The fourth quarter of last year, the index continued rising trend, reaching 106.86 points. This is since the global financial crisis, the Chinese shipping companies to enter the recovery of the second channel, but the supporting factors are still weak, and there is still the possibility of dropping again. China Shipping Confidence Index for the same period was 98.66 points, to continue approaching boom boundaries.

At the same time, the shipping market situation shows that the dry bulk shipping business for the first time to turn the corner; Port Enterprise steadily better, corporate earnings steadily; But shipping service enterprises are still not into the recovery path.

However, the report of the Shanghai International Shipping Institute reminded Chinese shipping industry recovery still there is a crisis, downward pressure is still large. Mainly for shipbuilding orders blowout, this explosive growth will undoubtedly exacerbate overcapacity situation, the existence of the market may dip again; steady growth in the domestic economy and foreign trade rebound boosted Chinese port cargo throughput has been growing steadily However, the price charged port enterprises has been unable to get promoted, vicious competition has become the biggest obstacle to China's port development.

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