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BDI index rose for the shipping industry looking greet "
Time:2014-07-03    Source:未知   阅读次数:61

BDI index rising continuously Recently, Reuters data showed, due to increased activity Capesize shipping, BDI index on Wednesday (5) rose to 1391 points; Baltic Capesize Index rose 270 points, or 11.61%, to 2596 points, this is the last Nov. 28, the biggest one-day percentage increase.

It is understood that this is the 7th consecutive BDI index rise, since the end of 2, BDI index has gained more than 10%. The industry believes that the shipping industry this year will mark the turning point.

Policy, the Ministry of Transport will actively promote the introduction of measures to promote the healthy development of the national maritime industry as soon as possible, to develop a national strategy rising sea.

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