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U.S. media: American China strategy has three fatal
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Journal of the American "national interest" published June 27 retired U.S. Air Force Colonel Bill Delaisse article pointed out that "offshore control" strategy tries to stop China's use of the waters within the first island chain, the first island chain to protect the country's waters and airspace, and to control the airspace and waters outside the first island chain. The strategy also requires the use of geographical advantages blockade China's main thoroughfare out of the Pacific Ocean, seriously undermine China's economic strength. As a result, we can not penetrate Chinese airspace under the premise of reducing the likelihood of regional conflict escalates to nuclear conflict. However, the article pointed out that "offshore control" strategy is not the best strategy toward China on the grounds that there are three fatal flaws in the strategy.

    For example, if the "offshore control" strategy, the U.S. submarine fleet Chinese armed forces will make the first island chain activities and the "limited air assets" is facing great danger. As the waters within the first island chain is very vast, and the U.S. Navy submarines must rely on themselves to find the target, they need to focus on the inlet port, geographic bottlenecks, and other heavy traffic areas. U.S. submarine has many advantages, which can effectively prevent small-scale Chinese shipping activities, but taking into account geographical factors, coupled with the lack of air and surface support, and in the air with the case without the threat of Chinese water assets for the U.S. attack submarine launched anti-submarine effort, the U.S. submarine operations will be more dangerous.

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