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Five Chinese shipping industry trends forecast 2014
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One trend, China's rapid economic development leading the world economic recovery. As the largest importer and exporter, China's strong trade promotes the increase in U.S., Europe, employment, investment increase, consumption growth, the economy will also be shipping a full recovery thus faced.

Trends, investments in U.S. shale oil and gas, leading to excess oil production in the Middle East, and cause a decline in the price; grain, cotton, oil, iron ore, nonferrous metals and other over-investment will also lead to a fall in prices; prices fall tariffs rise, 2014 will be the shipping industry between past and future is an important point rally.

Three trends, the shipping industry will face new challenges, challenges one is emerging, led by Shandong Marine veteran of the shipping company to oligarchs; Second, the challenge comes from the large foreign shippers such as Vale. 2014, being in the shipping industry reshuffle, the process of realignment, brought together various conflicts, crises intertwined, various interest groups vying for market share.

Trend four, the shipping industry is strategic thinking and daily management of COSCO, China Shipping and other large state-owned companies and strengthen the urgent need to determine the place. Our top three candidates Shipping Group has settled, whether the market can adapt accordingly implement competitive strategies is an important indicator of market testing management; Meanwhile, the shipping industry has been much criticized "tariff black hole" has spread to shipping management and the business layer industry, curb corruption and prevent "Xu Minjie phenomenon" to revive the shipping industry is a major issue and the challenges faced by state-owned shipping company.

Trend five, popular in the era of RMB assets, COSCO, China Shipping large state-owned companies are still facing a "sell" dilemma to cover the losses. The balance sheet and profit and loss statement and balance sheet accounting head game is a test of the wisdom of Sun Yueying and Su Min. When Su Min once again to save the sea and through the financial statements Shaode when Sun Yueying helm of Cosco looked so no wisdom nor courage. Wei Jiafu been mercilessly driven out of the market is expected to makes sense. Occupy half of China COSCO need a great wisdom housekeeper to investors and financial markets provide a surprise to the financial statements, only this, the Chinese shipping industry have Aspect, have a way out.

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