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2013 inventory of the shipping magnate event
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March 2013, China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company Director, General Manager Ma Zehua, said in an interview, COSCO Group is confident to achieve profitability in 2013. In the first half of 2013, China COSCO Holdings Company Limited to sell some assets in order to avoid being delisted. The first-half net loss of 78 million yuan.

October 31, 2013, China COSCO released in 2013, three quarterly, is regrettable that the company still did not achieve profitability, loss 42.7892 million yuan in the first three quarters.

  In November, the edge of the verge of delisting * ST China COSCO and Deputy General Manager Xu Minjie Central Discipline Inspection Commission investigation because, once again pushed to the cusp.

Comment: Although Cosco insiders stressed Xu Minjie case will not affect the normal operations of the company, while the company achieved full-year losses in the fourth quarter, to keep the listing status expressed confidence, however, can be seen, in order to maintain the listing status of China COSCO , had to select a continuous sale of assets in the year. Forced administrative measures taken by some short-term corporate behavior, which is not conducive to long-term business operations. Behind the huge loss of COSCO, many large central enterprises and state-owned enterprises, but should deal with internal problems, eliminate corruption breeding.

  CSCL (2.15, 0.02, 0.94%) 4.2 billion yuan to buy the boat hunters

  May 6, 2013, CSCL announced that its subsidiary in China Shipping Container Lines (Hong Kong) and South Korea's Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hyundai Heavy Industries) signed a $ 683 million (about 4.248 billion yuan) of container shipbuilding contract, CSCL (HK) Hyundai Heavy Industries intends to purchase five 18,400 TEU (standard container) type container vessels, each vessel capacity of 18,400 TEUs, representing the amount of the contract CSCL revenue of 32.581 billion yuan last year's 13.04%.

Comments: dare to challenge the first large container ship Maersk shipping industry is the big brother. Maersk's 18,000 TEU ship provoke arms race is already opening up, CSCL is just the first one to follow suit. This new type of large container vessels with a low single-box cost advantage of low fuel consumption, especially in the volume of the largest ship into the largest, the most competitive in Europe and the Far East to the trunk routes, better highlight these advantages. However, this ship is only loaded to display their individual low-cost advantage.

Therefore, only such as Maersk has 15.8% market share of leading enterprises dare to go this custom-made boat. In contrast, CSCL ranked eighth worldwide market share of only 3.5%, this ship is unlikely to be custom-made, "eat", the risk is too great.

World's top three shipping giant alliance formation P3 Alliance

June 18, 2013, the world's top three shipping giant Maersk Line, Mediterranean Shipping Co., CMA CGM, France reached an agreement on the route to the formation of a long-term alliance called P3 network operators in something in order to reduce fuel consumption improve services and operations. It is understood, P3 Alliance will be the fastest in the second quarter 2014 operations.

Comment: Although the reasons for the establishment of P3 Union, Maersk said the decline was due to the volume of excess capacity and makes the whole shipping industry need to improve operational efficiency, however, due to the P3 Alliance leadership position in the industry, which in the number of vessels, vessel size, route the frequency and scope of ports are anchored far better than other peers. P3 Union control 38% of the global market of Cargo capacity, a key trade in Asia and Europe, the market share of nearly half. Once regulatory approval, will be the dominant trade routes between Asia and Europe. P3 is the biggest impact will change the existing competitive landscape in the Asia-Europe route, which may accelerate the crowding-out effect on this route.

The State Council issued a plan to stimulate the shipbuilding industry restructuring

August 2013, the State Council promulgated the "shipbuilding industry to accelerate the implementation of structural adjustment programs to promote the transformation and upgrading (2013 -2015)", intended use of the "visible hand" of the market to stimulate the recovery of the ship.

Comments: The current situation on the domestic industrial ship, rising labor costs, raw material prices, a substantial increase in financing costs, the cost of shipping enterprises to accelerate the rise, and the cost of shipping price inversion phenomenon has been revealed. From the international point of view, the world's shipbuilding industry has entered a new round of adjustment around the technology, products, full range of increasingly fierce market competition, China Shipbuilding (22.32, 1.60, 7.72%) of industrial innovation is not strong, high-end products is weak, supporting industries lag structural problems are gradually exposed.

In the shipping industry downturn situation, the state introduced the New Deal is tantamount to shipping shipbuilding companies injecting a needle "tonic." Deal clearly made to encourage early retirement of old ships update task to promote the shipbuilding industry upgrading of product structure.

Ministry of Transportation issued advice to stimulate the development of the shipping industry in transition

Department of Transportation Office of the September release "Several Opinions on Promoting the healthy development of the shipping industry transformation and upgrading of" from the capacity regulation, transformation and upgrading, market regulation, reduce the burden on enterprises, improve service levels five aspects of the development of 20 comments, positive response to the current shipping grim situation facing the industry, and promote stable and healthy development of the domestic shipping market.

Comments: The shipping companies on the whole, there was not much "joy" look forward to the Ministry of Communications issued its opinion or "top-level design." However, due to the State-level policy support has not been introduced, the Department of Transportation issued the document has only stay in the ministry level, the enterprise is more concerned about "how tax cuts", not more mention.

At present, shipping companies have to pay taxes up to ten months, higher than the international level. Most shipping companies also expect some relief costs, but this is not a division of the Department of Transportation can be solved.

Port Vale ship docked China

November 2013, Vale signed with Shandong maritime-related contracts whose four 400,000 t ore carriers sublet Shandong ISF operations.

   From 2007 onwards, Vale plans to start the ship, CVRD and the shipping industry, the steel industry, the port industry GeZongLianHeng game had already started. In recent years, with the Vale ship ever delivered, the water, the game is also a white-hot stage. In continuous efforts Vale, ports, steel aspect has become the trend of differentiation. Today, inside the shipping industry also appeared divided.

Comment: China's demand for iron ore is huge, and the pricing of the iron ore giant rests in the hands of foreign investors. In recent years, the traditional transport iron ore business in deep recession in the shipping industry, the impact of the ship may have been on high alert. The industry is worried that once allowed Vale ship docked at Chinese ports, the Chinese iron ore imports areas will be sealed, so that China's iron ore industry more control of others, especially the Chinese shipping industry will become a "grave goods." However, CVRD 400,000 tons ship can dock at Chinese ports will be beneficial results of the port, so the Chinese port of Vale are welcome to take the attitude.

The incident also reflects the Vale ship to the shipping industry's attitude has emerged differentiation. "Now the critical period of negotiations, the owner appeared in Shandong this behavior is appropriate?" Vice president of China Shipowners' Association Zhang Shouguo attitude is very clear on this matter, if the owner of the internal disunity, seeking only their own petty ultimately hurt China's shipping industry.

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