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China's first five years, Tim capacity offshore shipping ind
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December 30, 2013 evening, China COSCO announcement, saying the signing of the boat through its subsidiaries and affiliated industrial shipyard, OK to $ 108 million (about 654 million yuan) prices to the latter ordered four 64,000 tons of handy bulk carrier.

   The deal has been in the week before the resolution of the Board of COSCO mentioned, there were also released five 94000TEU container ship subscription plan. This is the first time in five years, COSCO lapse of new capacity, raising the shipping industry upturn reverie. 21st Century Business Herald reporter speculated in accordance with market prices, which deposit a total of nine vessels will exceed 30 billion yuan.

   Although this will not result in significant capacity to restart growth capacity, new ideas parent company's new head of COSCO Group, COSCO Development has announced adjustment to be included in the - negative impact due to the $ 2.3 billion five years ago brought a continuation of the order So far, barely protect the shell in the next two to three years, COSCO will enhance the capacity to remain cautious pace.

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