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Shipping industry bottomed central rate losses on disposal o
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"At present, the overall situation is not very optimistic, but compared with last year, the situation is improving and we predict that this year and next year is relatively better. 2016 because the new vessels were added, could badly." February 18, a ocean shipping enterprise business manager, told the China Economic Times reporter.

   2013, many shipping companies are the main business losses, some companies through the sale of assets and other ways to try to improve performance. The above companies are no exception, according to the business manager, they make up for losses in the company through a sideline main industry.

  Shanghai International Shipping Institute Research Vice 任周德 domestic shipping all in an interview with China Economic Times reporter describes, on the whole more difficult in 2013 shipping companies, especially in the first half, whether it is business or freight index, are relatively low. In the second half, there are certain business conditions improve.

   Despite a certain degree of recovery, however, the sustainability of uncertainty.

  "Because there are a lot of seasonal recovery and contingency factors, the market does not tend to a modest recovery on the full sense of the state. Intensity and duration of the rebound will further look at this year's market trends." Said Zhou whole....

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