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China Shipowners' Association survey Taizhou shipping indust
Time:2014-07-03    Source:未知   阅读次数:144

April 21, China Shipowners' Association Taizhou maritime research forum held in Jiaojiang. Vice Chairman of China Shipowners' Association Zhang Shouguo, Deputy Secretary-General Ningde Wei, Taizhou Port and Shipping Authority, Taizhou Maritime Bureau and shipping companies responsible for more than a dozen people attended the forum.

The main focus of the meeting about the current difficulties encountered in the shipping business, concerns, and other hot issues to explore the idea of survival and sustainable development of the shipping industry, and to "increase business change", pilotage, harbor dues, port construction fee ship Account thin, crew permit, crew management, views and suggestions raking in Hong Kong ship, port fees issue. Easy in, Maersk Line's market share is 20%.

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