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"2014 will be the continued downturn in the shipping in
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P3 long-awaited alliance has obtained the consent of the United States, in accordance with the approval process, the Chinese government will give a reply in June. Than P3, G6, Asia Maritime Union CKYHE also brewing scale. Whatever the outcome, the competition Times Union shipping industry has become unavoidable to come.

   Competition may not be entirely a bad thing. A Maersk issued by the influential report that shipping promote trade development, raise the level of 10% of container shipping, China trade costs will drop by 3%, 6% increase in imports of manufactured goods, exports increased by 9%.

   Shipping market downturn continued for years, 2014 will change? Indisputable losses the league could improve the shipping industry? How in the league outside of the boat company will respond? On these issues, Maersk (China) Co., Ltd. President Yan resigned in Maersk accepted the "China Business" reporter interview.

 Shipping industry affect trade

   "China Business": China's foreign trade data in decline, Maersk shipping industry for 2014 to determine what to do? How do you view the impact of Chinese shipping industry trade development?

   Yan speech: Chinese export growth is slowing, especially in southern China, in the past export growth of only 1% to 2%, East China 3% to 4% in North China is the most powerful, 4% to 5%. The growth rate has slowed down compared to two or three years ago. However, the trend of increasingly strong import growth, which income growth and the Chinese people, the Chinese government to expand domestic demand from export-oriented economy to domestic demand-oriented relationship.

   Although international trade is affected by many factors, but the advanced container shipping industry has an important impact on China's trade. The results showed that the level of 10% increase in container shipping, China trade costs will drop by 3%, while imports of Chinese manufactured goods increased by 6%, exports increased by 9%. This means that since 2004, to improve the level of container shipping has resulted in an increase of up to 30% of Chinese imports of manufactured goods and brought up to 40% of the increase of exports.

   China's most important trading partners are the United States and the European Union. In 2012, the Sino-US trade, Maersk Line's market share was 9.7 percent, China and the EU trade

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