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Why China's shipping industry collapse?
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Coincidentally, I found that because of years of losses, which is soon to announce the delisting of ST long oil, but also the shipping companies. Of course there through the "sale of assets" and temporarily get rid of the risk of delisting China COSCO, more difficult it can be seen throughout the domestic shipping industry. Imagine the state-owned shipping companies are to survive was so perilous, that the majority of private aviation enterprises that is a lot to be on the verge of a collapse of the situation.

   However, some scholars believe that the construction of the National Planning relying Gold River Yangtze River economic belt is good in terms of shipping companies, coupled with the slow recovery of the world economy, I believe that the time is not too long to pick up the shipping industry. But I believe that only the closure of businesses, there is no collapse of the industry, the shipping industry is a relationship between the national economy and the industry, is unlikely to disappear. But we learn from them, to find out the cause of the industry slump, which is more conducive to the development of shipping companies.

   First, it is undeniable, domestic and international economic downturn so that domestic shipping companies to survive as the storm. But with the shipping giant Maersk and OOCL why it can turn around in 2012? Of particular concern is that Thomas gene has a large oil business to hedge the risk of soaring oil prices brought about, there's $ 600 million loss start under adverse circumstances, was able to win the game in the first quarter of 2012, earnings in 2012 of up to $ 4 billion , while China COSCO was under domestic policy, "care", but also the huge loss of 10 billion yuan it? This shows that as the representative of China COSCO shipping companies and international shipping giants Adversity profitability compared to the gap is still not small. Chinese enterprises should learn from international shipping giants learn more advanced management and technical experience.

    Moreover, the blind expansion, resulting in industry-wide overcapacity, which makes once the economic situation is getting bad, the entire shipping industry will face lower prices of vicious competition. In 2007 and 2008 due to the planned 4 trillion economic stimulus, the domestic shipping industry, the situation is excellent, many coal bosses, real estate owners have to start a shipping business.

    As the shipping industry leader China COSCO's investment strategy is like the highest price of chartering the ship COSCO leadership errors in early 2008 resulted in the expansion strategy of COSCO dry bulk chartering dry bulk business cost accounting costs increased from 53 in 2007 % rapid increase to 69% in 2008. Analysis shows that China COSCO loss was mainly dry bulk sector. No wonder there are 75.9% of investors believe that the main reason for China COSCO even the loss was due to "investment mistakes, blind expansion."

    Also shipping companies, the Greek fleet is still being maintained capacity growth against the market trend. 2012 New World boat custom-made volume fell more than 50%, but in 2011 the Greek fleet of new vessels into investments of up to $ 12.6 billion, flat with 2013. You know, not Greek national shipbuilding, ship it entirely to the global shipping buy boats, even in China's ship financing to buy Chinese-made. Data show that, BDI weakest two years, Export-Import Bank of China and China Development Bank have told Greek shipowners lent heavily multi-pen. Adversity side is looking for expansion opportunities in the international market, the courage to buy dips Greek ship fleet, while still enjoying the Chinese import trade is to bring stability to the customer the amount of Chinese state-owned shipping company, really need to reflect.

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