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The Fifth China International Cultural Festival will be held
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From the height of thinking and leading shipping, shipping strengthening cultural construction of culture, is to implement a concrete manifestation of the party's seventh session of the Sixth Plenary proposed cultural power strategy. In order to enhance the soft power of the shipping industry, to further promote the healthy development of shipping, realized by shipping power to a power shift shipping by China Communications and Transportation Association, China National Committee on Seafarers 'union building, China Institute of Navigation, China Shipowners' Association jointly sponsored the Fifth China International Cultural Festival will be held in Lianyungang shipping (4.41, 0.20, 4.75%) held a grand city 9-10 July 2014.

Chinese Cultural Festival international shipping to "promote maritime spirit, booster shipping development, highlighting the charm of seafarers, serving the economic construction" for the activities of the purpose, has been successfully held for four since 2010, the activities set peak dialogue and thematic seminars, business exchanges and cultural activities as a whole, is a gathering of many resources on the downstream industry chain shipping annual event, attracting the relevant state ministries and community leaders, experts and scholars, famous maritime leaders, as well as from the United States, Britain, Japan, Germany, France, Hong Kong, shipping more than a thousand organizations and shippers, shipping companies, freight forwarding, port, cargo support, investment and financing, research institutions and other well-known enterprises in Taiwan and other countries and regions of the leading participants. Culture set up the stage, singing the economy, advantages and aggregation effect efficient and pragmatic activity shipping festival for Chinese and foreign shipping to provide an interpretation of the latest shipping policies, share best practices, discuss business cooperation exchange platform to further promote the development of the shipping industry and shipping hard and soft power building, subject to the guests of the widely loved and appreciated, has been attached great importance to and support the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Transport and other ministries to become China's shipping industry, large-scale, high-level, good effect, broad economic impact of large-scale shipping cultural projects.

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