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Australia Shipping Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Australian shipping), headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, is a professional from the event groceries and bulk cargo shipping company, the business scope includes international general cargo and bulk cargo shipping, international shipping agents, international freight forwarding and other services . Companies adhering to the "professional, dedicated, honest, trustworthy," the service concept, dedicated to provide quality shipping and logistics services for overseas clients. Ship complete and diverse structure of the company, we can provide customers in the Far East and groceries various routes between Australia, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia (including vehicles) and bulk (including timber) sea liner and non-liner services.

Over the years, Australia is committed to shipping by sea and logistics chain with each link joint efforts together with our business partners to provide the best cargo shipping and logistics services for cargo. Together with customers to develop and progress together, hand in hand towards internationalization, value creation on a bigger stage, is the relentless pursuit of Australian shipping. In our business development, international shipping and logistics, it is no longer simply boring movement of goods, but the combination of our achievements with our customers and all interested parties and future exchanges and friendship, dreams and harvest, to become human civilization some progress with.

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